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Mortgage Financing - Simplified


How funding works

  • A lien is put on a currently owned property in order to obtain funds for any purpose
  • A lien is put on a property that you are looking to buy in order to obtain funds for its purchase


Rates are based on

  • The security and length of the loan
  • The loan to value ratio
  • Your credit


Ask Yourself

  • Do you own any commercial property?
  • Are you looking to buy any commercial property?
  • Is the commercial property currently producing income?
  • Is there any debt on the property?
  • How many units are on the property?


Required documents

  • Profit and loss statements
  • Property info: appraisal or brokers opinion of value (BOV)
  • 3 most recent years tax returns
  • Personal financial statements – updated within last 60 days


Good to know

  • Mortgage financing is only availble for income producing property
  • The most common way for a property to produce income is by having tenants
  • A property with both a business and a tenant on it is referred to as a mixed use property

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